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SVA Swiss Valor Advisory

Since 2009 the Swiss based company SVA Swiss Valor Advisory has supported customers throughout the internationalization process, assisting businesses and professionals in the establishment and implementation of business abroad.
Well established and well known in the Canton of Ticino, SVA Swiss Valor Advisory is the parent company to SVA Group.
Founded by Gianluca Marano, CEO and President, SVA Swiss Valor Advisory has always stood out for its open-mindedness and its profound customer-oriented approach with attention to their every need.


SVA Swiss Valor Advisory: its evolution

Italian businesses have always been a majority among SVA’s clients: Switzerland, and in particular Italy’s neighboring Canton of Ticino, represent fertile territory for doing business outside Italian boarders, today as in the past.
Common boarders, a common language and fiscal incentives motivate companies and professionals to open new subsidiaries or start a new business in Canton of Ticino.

Switzerland means precision, professionalism, privacy and security. SVA Swiss Valor Advisory has adopted these values which have distinguished them as a point of reference for successful international consulting in the Canton of Ticino.

Expertise in foreign markets, in particular in the United Arab Emirates and China, along with extensive network of international contacts and partners, have given life to SVA Group: a group of companies operating in different fields but united by the same core business, internationalization.


SVA Swiss Valor Advisory: services

SVA Swiss Valor Advisory collaborates with a vast network of partners and professionals.
Its consulting services range from strategic planning, to export network management, and further to establishing start-ups for international business growth.

icona-elenco-puntato Market analysis and feasibility studies
icona-elenco-puntato Establishing contact with international partners
icona-elenco-puntato Assistance in planning Internationalization
icona-elenco-puntato Business management