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The future of Expo 2020 Dubai

How will the Expo 2020 Dubai site look like after the world exhibition ends next 31st March 2022?


The fair will transform itself in a residential and business hub, called District2020. The area aims to repurpose at least 80 per cent of what was built.

Named as the “Human Centric City of the Future”, the District will be home for over 145,000 people.

In line with Expo principles, this innovation ecosystem will be designed as a smart city and its growth will be sustainable and market-driven: new buildings will be built only on demand.

District 2020 will keep Expo’s legacy intact: themes such as community, wellness, sustainability and inclusivity will all be incorporated.

Other Pavilion

The Sustainability Pavilion will remain as a Children and Science Centre; the Mobility Pavilion will continue to educate visitors about mobility and its history and movement of people, goods and data; Al Wasl Dome will host events and the Waterfall feature will remain as a must-visit attraction. 

As per the country pavilions, some will be removed but others are planned to stay; for example, the Saudi pavilion will focus on cultural exhibitions around its country and the Indian pavilion will become a trade hub. Others will turn into commercial office spaces or residential apartment units.


District 2020 is also developing a global business program called Scale2Dubai. It is addressed to SMEs and start-ups in the smart cities and technology industries, willing to expand their business in Dubai and in the MEASA region.

The program is set to start in October 2022 and will offer flexible offices and co-working spaces. The participants will be put in touch with accelerators, incubators and research and government entities. They will benefit from various incentives, such as two years visa, two years free workspace, special rates from service providers and support in business setup.

Expo 2020 Dubai will live on and District2020 will reconfirm the city’s role as global sustainable, innovative and international hub. The UAE will attract more and more visitors who will experience an extremely welcoming, dynamic and buzzing environment.

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