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Dubai Future Foundation: the future is the new present!

Dubai Future Foundation strives to maintain Dubai as the leading city of the future.

The world is full of places that aspire to become innovation leaders. Despite the efforts, no one seems to be at Dubai’s level. Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) was founded in 2016 as a think tank guided by the Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who stated: “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it.”

It is useless to say that, during the last five years, DFF has imagined, designed, and launched an extraordinary number of futuristic initiatives to achieve its vision by gathering and analyzing informative data, global trends, and industry insights. DFF gave birth to platforms like Dubai Future Accelerators, Dubai Future Labs, Dubai Future Solutions, and Dubai 10X. Their main task is to help find solutions for different global challenges.

Dubai Future Accelerators, for instance, facilitates collaboration between startups and public or private entities. They see Dubai as a tech playground where companies test innovations. At the moment, 290 companies from 39 countries are evaluating almost 100 projects. Among the most interesting ones, we can find the “Airport Smart Gate” and the “Last Mile” (a collaboration between Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority and a German mobility company).

Dubai Future Labs oversees the applied research for robotics and automation. As it is not focused on just one field of application, it develops several projects in different areas. At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Dubai Future Labs prototyped the M061 Ventilator, which met the surge in demand for medical ventilators. Other projects are Collaborative Mobile Robotics (to modernize warehouses and e-commerce fulfillment centers) and the Dubai Program to Enable Drone Transportation.

Dubai Future Foundation is not only a matter of technology.

The incredible growth of these platforms led to the birth of Regulation Lab (RegLab). RegLab, together with regulators and all innovation actors, works at regulations that need to stay up to date within this fast-paced environment.

Alongside these innovations’ platforms, there is Dubai Future Academy. The academy covers the crucial role of education, not only for the people but for the government too. Among its projects, we can find the “One Million Arab Coders”, aimed to develop digital literacy in Arab youth. The project reached its goal and opened new chapters in Jordan and Uzbekistan, a remarkable result that shows how the MENA region is open towards innovation and the future.

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