Internationalizing to Dubai, SMEs can tap into PNRR resources


(ANSA) – DUBAI, 14 MAR –

“Relying on a partner already in Dubai allows you to have a local interlocutor who is ‘closer’ to this market, with a better chance of success in both the acquisition and negotiation phases,” says Founder and CEO of SVA Group Gianluca Marano speaking about the figure of the External Export Manager in the panorama of business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, anticipating the themes of the event ‘Lombardy: The Italian Hub for Innovation and International Trade’ to be held at the Innovation House of Regione Lombardia, Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Politecnico.
    How to internationalize in Dubai, leveraging opportunities in the exhibition and post-Expo 2020 sectors, are the focus of the event organized by the Young Entrepreneurs of Confcommercio and AICE, the Italian Association of Foreign Trade, at the Innovation House, which developed a Fuori Expo Dubai, in the setting of the First World Expo in the Middle East.
    Representatives from local organizations, Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, and Dubai Global Connect will speak at the Innovation House, supported on-site by SVA Group.
    “A partner with experience in legal, customs, and tax procedures allows for big business savings in terms of cost and benefit,” says SVA Group CEO Marano, “and thanks to PNRR resources, Italian small and medium-sized companies can access SIMEST’s dedicated desk to support internationalization projects on Dubai.”
   “There are 3 measures facilitated by financial resources from the PNRR: investments for the Digital and Ecological Transition of SMEs with an international vocation, participation in international trade fairs in Italy and abroad, including virtual ones, and the development of an e-commerce channel,” Marano concludes. “The UAE is the ideal territory to embark on a path of internationalization.” (ANSA).

Fuori Expo: Marano (SVA Group): rely on Dubai Partners