Business internationalization

Doing business today means changing old habits and constantly renewing. Internationalization with small and medium-sized enterprises is a long-term investment chosen by those who adhere to the innovation involved in such a process. The choice of entering a market outside your homeland is a bold one, and if well structured, it can be a winner. Professional consulting, timely and accurate like SVA Group, is crucial particularly while developing a plan and during start up.


a plan for going abroad

Step-by-step organization of strategic planning is fundamental to maximizing time and investments. Getting started requires careful market analysis in order to identify the best opportunities for going international. Once the target market has been identified, it’s time to study how attractive the product or service is, which together with target analysis, will determine a successful internationalization process. Once the first step has been taken, the process to going international can begin.

managing the start-up phase

As with all new experiences, you may encounter difficulties when launching your business in a new market.

Bureaucracy often poses problems for the entrepreneur who is investing in a territory different from his own. Even gaining access to the correct information can be challenging, not to mention relations with local authorities and time frame for obtaining responses.

For small and medium-sized enterprises taking on all of these tasks is complicated, time consuming and requires extensive internal resources.

SVA Group consulting services handle these tasks helping the entrepreneur and the company avoid common pitfalls, ensuring clarity and efficient timing.

During the start-up phase, whether it be starting a new business or opening a distribution channel, SVA Group will be guiding and supporting the entrepreneur and the company in the choice of strategy, partners and business contacts.