Gianluca Marano

“Internationalization means future to me.
I have dedicated years to consulting, I view it as a relationship of trust.
Today, anyone can find whatever they are looking for online, but whoever chooses SVA Group does so for our Client-oriented approach, fully dedicated to the client and their objective.
Going abroad is much easier today than it was ten years ago, and yet there are many steps that deserve attention and professionality, to avoid losing time, resources and in particular money.
Experience in international business, along with a rich network of contacts and partners acquired over the years, allow me to interact on a daily basis with companies, entrepreneurs and professionals coming from every possible sector but united by one common ambition: to grow internationally, ensuring the future for their business.
SVA Group is guided in this path of professional achievement by its vision and drive towards the future and, as with all success stories, it’s a pleasure to share and tell.”